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99dezine have following Terms and conditions apply to all website design and development services provided by 99dezine to the client.

1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
Whether you sign to accept these terms or not, when you agree on an offered quote and have purchased the same without any external pressure from our side, you in turn accept all our terms. So, it is not mandatory to literally sign our terms for acceptance.

2. Pricing & Charges Terms for feedback
All design price mention on each template and that price is final without any negotiation. If you purchasing that template you can read every single detail & if you have any question before purchase than ask to the 99dezine chat support or email us so that 99dezine can clarify those things. 100% upfront amount needed to purchase that design template product.

A minimum 100% of the final amount will be required in advance/upfront in order to get project work rolling. We offering unlimited changes into the design until you will not get satisfy without of any additional cost but design wire-frame/layout will be same.

Payment transfers can be done via PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer (bank), invoices for all transactions will be provided only once client is willing to pay for services.

3. Client Approval and confirmation
10 days will be given to client for review & testing of the website, client can test in any way possible and come up with the errors & mistakes (if any), we will fix those. We will not fix (or doing that will cost extra) or be responsible for any kind of fault on the site after 10 days of deployment.

4. Turnaround Time & Supportive Stuff
99dezine will provide design files with 24-48 hours after all changes done which will provided by client also time depend on the feedbacks too. 99dezine will successfully deliver client websites by the date specified in the project proposal, or the date agreed with client upon receiving initial payment. 99dezine will consider client request in order to change delivery date or for delay purpose or vice versa (Timely Held Mutual Discussion).

During the Project, 99dezine will require the client to provide complete back up support for website content; Text, Images, Movies and Sound files or any related stuff need to implement in Websites.

5. Payment
All invoices will be provided from 99dezine upon completion or in between of project but before publishing live website, Invoices normally sent via email or contact sources (Skype, gtalk, and yahoo).

6. Additional Expenses
We have no hidden costs. Client need to pay an additional amount for any kind of additional needed necessary expenses for the completion of work: Example would be purchase of special fonts and photography, Image or anything additional related to project.

7. Web Browsers Compatibility & Displays (This will apply in Development/Code only)
99dezine ensure to client that websites are especially designed to be view by the majority of viewers and websites are designed and develop to work with the most popular current fashion browsers (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, 8,9,10, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.). 99dezine cannot guarantee correct functionality with all browsers across different operating systems.

99dezine will not accept any kind of responsibility for web pages which do not display in new versions of browsers released after website design or developed, Display issues varies on site made for (Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, Smartphone’s, I-pad, Android ) need to confirm at start up of project.

8. Termination & Cancellation
Termination of services by the client must be requested in a written notice via mail or website message board and it will be effective on receipt of such notice, telephone, chatting requests for termination will not be considered until and unless confirmed in written words via email.

9. Logo & Content
99dezine will provide only TEXT BASED LOGO with the design template if you don't want to use that that's okey, NO PAYMENT will be reduced from the original price. If you want to change that logo with your original logo we will do that without of costs. Text CONTENT is dummy and that's only for demo use and you need to change that content as per your original content.

10. Stock Images & Icons
99dezine not selling any STOCK IMAGES or icons. The images which is used into the design those are just for dummy used so if you want to use same images you need to buy them from image provider website and we can help you to provide url to purchase those images.

11. Domain Names
99dezine may purchase domain names on behalf of client, Payment and renewal of domain names is the responsibility of the client, the loss of termination of domain name due to non payment or late payment is not the responsibility of 99dezine, client must keep records of each detail of domain to get ensure payment is received at right time.

12. General
99dezine Terms and Conditions are designed and composed under consideration of all agreements, the client signature or payment of an advance fees constitutes agreement to and acceptance of these terms and conditions, Online Payment is an approval and acceptance of our terms & conditions.

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